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Samsharpe Teachers college Grauates



To be admitted to the 4 Year Bachelor in Education Programme the minimum requirements are:

admission.pngFive (5) subjects including English Language and Mathematics at CXC/CSEC General Proficiency Levels 1, 2 General Level 3 is acceptable after 1998. 

Students reading for the Bachelor in Education for Primary, Early Childhood and Special Education should have among the 5 subjects, a Social Science subject (Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Education etc.) and a Science Subject (Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology etc.)

 Guidance and Counselling Programme:
In addition to 1 above students will be required to undergo a special assessment. It would be advantageous if applicants were to have been involved in activities related to social work and or counselling.  Included in their qualifications should be Social Studies and Human & Social Biology/Biology. 

 English Language and Literature:
Applicants should include in their five subjects English Literature and English Language at CXC General 1 or 2.  A pass in a foreign language would be advantageous.

 Mathematics and Science:
Applicants should include in their qualification a pass in Mathematics and a Lab Science at the CXC General 1 or 2. 

Students opting to do Spanish in Secondary  schools should have Spanish, English Language and English Literature at CXC General 1 or 2.

Bachelor in Education (through Advanced Credit):
Applicants should have a Diploma in Teaching from a Teacher Training Institution preferably in their teaching area.  Should their ‘major’ not be in the area of training, they will be required to do courses in that content area.

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